Chance for chance



Project title: Chance for chance


Project title – the number: 2019-1-CZ01-KA104-060979


National Agency of the Applicant Organisation: Centre for International Cooperation in Education

Grant: Learning Mobility of Individuals / KA104 – Adult education staff mobility (Erasmus +)


Project start date: 06/2019

Project end date: 07/2020

Description of the project:
The world of work and the whole society is changing rapidly – diversity and globalization more and more affect our lives. Exchange of information and experience in European context brings new perspectives on our work as well as on clients – different social and cultural backgrounds, different countries are important context in learning.
It is important to improve and learn new methods in direct work with clients – coaching, guidance and trainings methods and also for management is necessary to improve leadership and management skills and for daily work is also important conflict management in order to be able reflect on changes which changing world brings.
Concerning the fact, that there are not many educational activities focused on people 50+, and as well as career counsellors generally, we feel the need to improve our skills and gain and Exchange new experience for people working directly with clients and also for managers.
We have participated on some international workshops, conferences and study visits and always we have brought to our work valuable information and experience. However we did not have many possibilities to take a part on similar activities recently, and we are sure it is essential for our work. Therefore we are convinced that such a project will have high impact on quality of services provided by our organization.